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What is Process Engineering Design?

Process Engineering design is a series of phases in which engineers create processes or modules to create a product via different unit operations.  The design phase is iterative, in which processes are restarted or reworked in order to function properly.  HighTec Energy can come in at any stage of the following six stages of process engineering design:
  1. Conceptual: the first phase in design in which a solid foundation is built.  This stage provides a description of the proposed project.  Drawings and/or models are created during this phase.
  2. Front End Engineering Design (FEED): this stage focuses on the technical requirements of the design, as well a rough investment cost.  Oftentimes, this phase will reflect most of the clients’ specific requirements.
  3. Detailed: this phase provides the full definition of every aspect of the project’s development. It includes all studies to be performed before the actual project construction begins.  This is the stage where plans, specifications and estimates are created and finalized.
  4. Construction: the physical implementation of the project.
  5. Commissioning: the final phase in engineering design.  Systems and equipment become functional and the project is brought to actual, full operation.
  6. Operations and Optimization: this phase is outliving all others and evolving for years to come. Our core expertise is in efficient, reliable operations and optimization that saves money, reduce emissions and improve returns on assets that you paid for.
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