Measurement and Material Balance

There are two main factors to consider when measuring liquids/gasses: the amount of flow (overall mass and inferred volume of liquid moved), and the composition/make-up of what is flowing. Variations in component make-up and density between different liquid/gas streams can make them difficult to measure in a conventional manner:

Density is an important factor to determine correct mass and composition of a liquid/gas flowing stream

  • Mass measurement can be achieved by direct measurement with a Coriolis flow meter or inferred by multiplying a volumetric flow rate times flowing density.
  • Mass measurements are converted to volumetric terms for commercial transactions.
  • The component content will determine the % quantity of each hydrocarbon that is present HighTec Energy has developed a tool to compare Flowing Density vs. Calculated Density, which can be used to determine the sample’s fidelity. When trying to understand if a sample is truly a representation of the stream’s composition, a quick comparison between the corrected-to-standard conditions for flowing density and the calculated density is always the first test.
  • HighTec Energy has years of experience in operating and troubleshooting Material Balance systems.
  • HighTec Energy has saved customers millions of dollars simply by educating and developing statistical tools to troubleshoot.
  • Reducing error at the cash register is an easy way to put money to the bottom line.
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