Terminals designed for shipping are extremely important commercial operations. Truck terminals, railcars and ships should be carefully designed with detail, timing and market studies in mind. The measurement and material balance systems need to performed correctly from the start in order to ensure positive return on these projects. The terminal design is complemented by a co-evaluation of the storage tanks, pumps, flow meters, analytics, relief systems and vapor recovery/compression.

“The terminals are an essential part of the hydrocarbon business. It completes the supply chain and guarantees the customer of consistent, timely transportation of quality products”

At HighTec Energy, we have extensive experience in understanding customer needs, design and cost estimates, project development and operation of crude, condensate, fractionation products and cryogenic product terminal operations. New terminal development and existing terminal troubleshooting and re-purposing are our specialties. We have engineering strength with 15-25 years of experience, who are well versed in using these tools for making decisions. We have extensive experience ranging from small sections of process improvements in condensate stabilizers to mega-projects that includes very complex export stations.

Our capabilities are:

  • Dynamic simulations loading/unloading stations
  • Vapor Recovery and Compression Unit (VRU and VCU)
  • Relief Systems
  • Capital Cost and Operating Cost Estimation
  • PFD, P&ID and engineering deliverables
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