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Hydrogen and Alternative Fuels

Hydrogen can play an important role as an energy carrier in a sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective energy futureAs it stands, hydrogen is the only green fuel with reliable, on-demand delivery on a 24-hour basis. Blending hydrogen into the existing natural gas pipeline network has been proposed as a means of increasing the Low-Carbon fuels in the energy systems.

By 2030, 250 to 300 TWh of surplus renewable electricity could be stored in the form of hydrogen for use in the other end-use segments. In addition, more than 200 TWh could be generated from hydrogen in large power plants to accompany the transition to more renewable electricity 

HighTec Energy can add value to multiple sectors in the hydrogen economy and provide support to America’s ongoing manufacturing renaissance. HighTec Energy has the experience and staff to organize new hydrogen-integrating projects into three parts:

  • Hydrogen compatibility of piping and pipelines: HighTec Energy will conduct evaluations to estimate the life of metal and polymer piping and pipeline materials (e.g., steel and polyethylene) when blends are used. This information will be incorporated into a publicly available model that can be used to estimate pipeline life given key engineering assumptions. 
  • Life-cycle analysis: HighTec Energy will analyze the life-cycle emissions of technologies using hydrogen and natural gas blends, as well as alternative pathways such as synthetic natural gas. 
  • Techno-economic analysis: HighTec Energy will quantify the costs and opportunities for hydrogen production and blending within the natural gas network, as well as alternative pathways such as synthetic natural gas. 
  • Hydrogen and Natural gas Blends can be created with optimized results from environmental footprint without giving up much in power production or utilization
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