Expert Witness and Litigation Support

The oil, condensate, NGL, and natural gas transactions happen on a periodic basis. These balances and its payout are based on contractual agreements. Often situation arises where legal and arbitration options are pursued. We are familiar with several different types for the separate midstream processes and facilities. We realize that each producer and processor may have different dynamics in commercial negotiations. It is important to evaluate contracts from commercial as well as technical aspects. This is the primary reason that we offer litigation support along with Measurement and Material Balance.

“Litigation support is a very important aspect of our Measurement and Material Balance services. It needs an in-depth look into contract and historical material balance work and measurement engineering”

At HighTec Energy, we have expertise in litigation support. We have in-house talent who have decades of commercial and engineering expertise in understanding and supporting contracts. We have experts with commercial and engineering strength with 15-25 years of experience, who are well versed in reviewing contacts, balances. and can help provide accurate guidance.

Our capabilities for litigation support are:

  • Full Litigation Support with state licenses professional engineers
  • Contract Reading and Interpretations
  • Potential litigation Pitfalls of contracts
  • Contact support and measurement engineering
  • Material Balance and contract fulfillment
  • Reports Presentations
  • HighTec Energy can ensure certainty around finding the best expert for every case, interviewed by engineers; therefore, the client and their legal experts spends less time on generic, nonbillable searches when looking for Expert Witness.
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