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Acid Gas Treating (Carbon Capture)

Acid gases like carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbonyl sulfide (COS) are commonly mixed with natural gas. In order to treat natural gas to the requirements for processing and transportation, the acid gas treating processes are applied.

“Consistent and economical treating of natural gas is crusial to the reliable natural gas supply of the pipeline as well as the midstream/downstream facilities”

HighTec Energy has extensive process, mechanical and commercial operational experience. We have engineering and commercial capabilities from concept to detail engineering with our preferred vendors.

Our capabilities are:

  • Operating and troubleshooting Material Balance systems.
  • Conceptual Design and Technology Selection
  • Selection of amine solvents – activated MDEA, DEA, DGA and other solvents
  • Detail guideline to create systems that prevent foaming with design
  • Carbon (Charcoal) Bed selection and guidance on adsorbent loading
  • Process Engineering
  • Cost Estimation
  • Project Management
  • Commissioning and Start-up
  • Optimization and Surveillance
  • Troubleshooting
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