Our Team

Benjamin Day

Ben has served for 25 years within the petrochemical, refining, equipment design and midstream industries. He co-founded HighTec Energy in 2021. Before HighTec Energy Ben served as the CEO of Tailwater Technical Consulting (a subsidiary of Tailwater Capital) for 2.5 years. Prior to joining TTC, Ben served as Senior Vice President of Engineering at Southcross Energy from 2015-2019. He also served at Enterprise Products Partners from 2007-2015 in various leadership roles in engineering and operations. In addition, he worked at Rhodia Chemical, Dynegy Midstream and Trane in a process and project engineering capacity. Ben holds degrees in both Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Ritesh Shah

Ritesh has 22 years of global professional career enveloping the energy sector. He is co-founder of HighTec Energy. Before this, he was at Tailwater Technical Consulting (TTC) as Vice President for 2.5 years. He loves assignments traversing from the conceptual studies to the performance tests. He played a key role in obtaining the Oil Export Permit from BIS. In recent years, Ritesh worked in the area of optimization of natural gas/NGL plants from engineering and commercial perspectives. He has been part of Enterprise Products Partners for 10+ years and has also worked at ConocoPhillips and KBR. Ritesh holds a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering.