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To control the speed of the propellers and to shut down turbine, while most wind controllers are designed to operate the dump loads with the output voltage, with many online inverters it reduces the capacity of the output to the grid.  Most grid tie inverters require dc voltage to operate, this controller is designed to work with those grid tie inverters that have a built in rectifier and require the three phase voltage from the wind generator.  This allows for the propeller control and the brake dump load to be controlled by the wind speed.

While your wind controller protects your system from over speed under certain conditions, it does not anticipate the incoming bad weather.  High winds are very damaging and are the major cause of generator burn-out.  The purpose of the Radar is to anticipate an approaching storm.  We use a 55DBZ with a 5-mile radius, which allows enough time for your controller to safely bring the turbine to a full stop and apply the brake.  After the storm passes and leaves the safety zone, the brake is released, and the wind system resumes its normal operation. 

Special protection should be used when approaching storms such as cyclones, tornados, or hurricanes are in your area.  Even though the radar will shut down your system, winds of this magnitude may still damage your system.

The Radar control uses the National Weather Service Radar, so the service is available anywhere in the United States. The unit comes ready to install, and can be installed on any wind generator that uses the shorting of the three-phase generator as a brake.

Look at the picture to see the blue circle that is our test site at Santa Maria, Texas.  When a storm of 55DBZ enters that area, the units are shut down and the brakes applied.


Sequence of Operation: Radar

1. Storm of 55DBZ (or whatever intensity you have set to trip) enters the 5-mile circle (or whatever you have decided for a safety radius).

2. The controller receives the alarm and closes the relay to the dump load; this slows the generator to a safe speed if the wind is already strong.

3. Once the dump load is activated the Radar Controller then applies the brake, stopping the blades and releasing the dump load.

4. Once the storm clears the safety zone, the brake is released and the generator operates normally.

The controller may be programmed to send you an email that the system has been braked due to a storm.

The system requires an internet connection (wire or wireless).

Sequence of Operation as controller:

1. A preset wind speed as a high wind trip, when the wind speed reaches this trip speed it turns on the dump load thus slowing down the propeller and preventing over speed.

2. When the wind speed falls below the high wind trip the controller releases the dump load and allows for the turbine to resume operation.

3. If the Radar has activated the dump load and shut down the system,  it will not resume operation until the Radar see and all clear.

This  feature is already included when you buy one of our wind-powered systems.  

To add this safety feature to an existing system, the price (not installed) is $1,940.00 plus shipping.

You have made an investment to install a wind generator system, so protect your investment.


Wind Generator Radar Safety Controller    $1,940.00 plus shipping