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The OG120xx first design was installed in a 1600sq ft. home, the one pictured in the photograph.  It consisted of (1) 2kw 120volt wind generator, on a 30 foot tower, a 120vdc battery pack, 3 2kw 120vdc to 120vac inverters.  Installed in 2008, the system worked fine with the exception that in low wind the battery voltage would drop below the inverter rated low voltage and the inverter would shut down.  The 2kw wind generator was then raised to 60ft on a lattice tower.  This improved the low voltage problem but did not eliminate.  A second 2kw wind generator was then installed on an 80 ft. lattice tower, the wind speed at 80 ft. solved the low voltage problem, but the high winds made the generator exceed its 30 amp high limit and burned the windings. A radar control to stop the generator in an aproching thunder storm with  high winds solved the burnout problem.  Still on days with no or low wind the batteries would drop below the inverter rated voltage and bring them off line.

1.3 kw of solar panels was added in 2010 to keep the voltage up during low wind periods,  this almost solved the low voltage problem, but there are days when there is no wind and cloudy, more that 3 days.  A 2kw gasoline generator was added to the system to supply power under these conditions.  After 10 years of testing the OG120xxx was born.  A stable off grid system that meats the need of moderan living.


Like any alternative power system be it grid-tied or off-grid it is subject to the weather, solar does not work when the sun does not shive, wind does not work when calm.  The OTG120xx  combines the solar,wind and fuel generator in such a way that it is able to keep your power supply stable.  The system is a 120volt dc battery type, you can use 120/dc/120vac or 120vdc/240vac inverters, or a comination of both.  The systems can be rated from 2kw to 50kw depending on your need. Changing the sun and wind power into usable electric power for your home, farm, ranch.  The OG120xx  does not require special appliances or lighting, it supplys electric power equal to the grid, so you can purchase, any off the shelf appliance that works on the grid.



The OG120xx  can be installed most anywhere, unless building codes do not allow.  Remote ranches or hunting lodges where is cost of construction of a grid system is high.  The OG120xx  is designed to meet the load required by our customers. 


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