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1. Generator Rewinding

2. Solar/wind  Grid-tie system

3. off grid systems

4. solar powered well pumps

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 Protect your system with Radar


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59 year avrege wind speeds Brownsville, TX



Talon Manuals


 Hy2-AD4.0 (2kw downwind    PDF   (e-book )

  Hy5-AD5.6 (5kw downwindPDF   (e-book)

 Hyd10-AD7.8 (10kw downwind)   PDF   (e-book)

hy20/30 (e-book) specifications

AEP customer information packet   PDF

Powerone 6kw inverter General Specs

Powerone 6kw Installation-Operation Manual

1.Read 6w p-1 manual online

2. Read 6w p-1 on smartpohne

power-one ABB 25kw wind controller manual

Windy-boy install manual 5-6 kw

Windy-boy user manual

Power curve talon 5kw

power curve talon 10 kw

Links to Incentives & Rebates

Texas Solar Rebates and Incentives
Magic Valley Electric
AEP Texas
Solar Racking 2 types

Link to U.S.A. Wind Speeds by State

Online solar calculator

KW= kilowatt peak


Welcome to Yaneng

Yn5kw variable pitch operaton manual

FD14-30kw wind turbne 18m tower


talon wind turine

OG120xx OG120xx  

Off-Grid systems from 5kw to 50kw single or three phase.

      Video showing how wind generators work with grid.

Video showing relation between wind speed and power generated



  Smart Meter Daily Readings 425 E Liberty Mercedes Texas 3.1 KW system



Rewinding Service

Is your Wind generator burned or the windings damaged. High Tec Energy now offers rewinding service for all brands.  Just give us a call at (956) 202-9084 or one of the numbers at the top of the page.  We will arrange for the shipping and return of your equipment in working order. 

Solar pumping:

solar pump panels

Used to pump 6 gpm to water cattle. 300 ft well, pumping from 180 foot. Pump is a submersible 30 vdc to 300 vdc. This prodect has 4 300 watt panels in series (1200 watts) 160 volts. For more information call (956) 202-9084

  Give me a call at (956) 202-9084

High Tec Productions/High Tec Energy are dedicated to giving you the best equipment at a reasonable price.  Commercial, Agriculture, Industrial the High Tec systems perform to the max.  Our downwind systems are still making power when others are down because of high winds.  Most of our systems will still be online at winds of 50mph.  Others come out of the wind at 30mph and stop generating.

Now we offer a 98 foot lattice tower, this moves the wind generator into the higher and more stable air streams.

Installations are quoted on an individual basis; some of the factors considered are:

1. Your location: This factor shows us your wind zone, ground conditions, local permits and fees.

2. Material cost and availability in your area: concrete, steel, electrical materials, all needed for construction.

3. Travel and housing for our crew.

4. Availability of qualified sub-contractors: Concrete, Electrical

In order to keep the construction cost competitive and help your local economy, we use local subcontractors and supply houses.






                                Note: All high voltage electrical work is performed by a contracted licensed electriction

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